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6 Design Mistakes You're Making With Your Kids' Playroom

By Terri Williams | Jan 16, 2020

Studies show that playtime is good for kids: They learn balance and coordination, develop skills, and exercise their imaginations as well as their bodies. That's why many homeowners and renters with young ones like to have a designated place in their home for playtime activities. Plus, it's nice to have a place to store all those toys so they don't end up taking over the rest of the house.

A well-planned playroom can provide hours of stimulation and entertainment for your kids. But ill-informed design choices could spell wasted time, money, and square footage on a room that the little ones won't be all

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Top 10 Cities for Rental Investments This Year


January 17, 2020

Head to the Midwest or the East Coast for some of the biggest hotspots to cash in on a rental investment this year, according to a new analysis from TurboTenant, a property management tool. Overall, 31 cities from 20 states are featured in the report, which names the cities for the best rental investments in 2020. New York and Ohio tied for the most cities making the list, at three each.

“When identifying the top 31 cities, we looked for a positive ROI and high growth numbers across all data points,” says Sarnen

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6 Life-Changing Products That'll Modernize Your Garage

By Terri Williams | Jan 13, 2020

The garage used to be the most neglected part of the home, typically serving as storage for vehicles, holiday decorations, and buyer’s remorse purchases. But more and more, people are recognizing that a well-appointed garage can help you stay organized and increase your property's resale value.

So what does a fully equipped garage look like? It depends on what you keep in there; but for most people, that means smart storage solutions and ample space for your car. But you can go even further if you want to take the efficiency of your garage to the next level. That means

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Using U.S. Census data, LendingTree conducted a study of average homeowner ages across the United States in the 50 largest metros and found the average age is 55. Additionally, there was no metro in the study where the average age was less than 50. This high average age is due in part to the numerous obstacles that younger homebuyers must face, from lack of savings to poor credit, the study concluded.

Unsurprisingly the two metros with the oldest homeowners, Miami and Tampa, are both in Florida. The average homeowner age in these two metros is nearly 60. 

San Diego, Los Angeles and New York round out the top five metros with the highest average homeowner age. While homeowners in these metros aren’t as

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