5 Springtime Home Maintenance Must Do's

At the first signs of spring probably the last thing on your mind is doing some home repairs and exterior maintenance on your Morris County home. However, spring is the perfect time to check what small signs of damage need to be fixed before they grow and become expensive repairs.

If you need a little more persuading before getting out the ladder, check what a housing specialist from the Montana State University has to say. He recommends keeping homes in good repair makes them safer, more energy efficient and more comfortable. By keeping on top of small leaks, repairs and damage you can avoid much larger repair bills down the road. Finally, a well-maintained Morris County home retains its equity and resale value, should you eventually want to sell.

Here are 5 tasks to put on your checklist:

1. Evict Unwanted House Guests

By this, we don’t actually mean the mother-in-law, but rather the mice, chipmunks, raccoons and insects that found your attic or garage roof space the perfect place to spend the winter. Spray for insects, particularly carpenter ants and termites, and set traps for everything else. Finally, go around filling up cracks and holes that look like a “Welcome” sign to insects.

2. Clear Gutter and Downspouts

The winter winds tend to find any gutters and downspouts and fill them with damp soggy leaves. Even if you cleared them in fall, you need to get up and check them again so that spring showers will not overflow the gutters and cause damp issues on the walls.

In you have a ranch-style home it is easy to do this task yourself, otherwise a non-specialized tradesman with a ladder should be able to do the task for a reasonable set fee. As part of the task, make sure that all the downspouts are connected properly to avoid them disconnecting later under the weight of rainwater.

3. Dry out the Basement

Even if you have never had a leak, heavy rains may cause small puddles or damp in your basement. It will soon begin to smell musty and mildew. You may need to hire or install a dehumidifier to dry it out before mildew and mold develop.

Look for the cause of the problem. It could be a simple matter of leaf-filled gutters, a leaky roof or a cracked pipe needing repair. It may be time to recaulk the windows, regrout the brickwork and remove piles of leaves and soil from exterior walls that may be causing rising damp.

4. Checkout the Heating and Air-conditioning Systems

Spring is the best time to change filters and clean your heating and air-conditioning systems to keep them working efficiently. Pour half a cup of white vinegar into the drain line of your air-conditioning unit to clean out any debris and reduce limescale.

Anything more than these basic preventative measures will need a specialized contractor who can clean and inspect the mechanical systems.

5. Weatherproof Windows and Doors

If you detected some nasty draughts during the winter, now is a good time to recaulk windows and add weather-stripping around doors for a snug fit. It will keep the cool air inside your home during the summer as well as keeping the cold out next winter.

Finally, give those windows a clean inside and out as the spring sunshine will show up all the winter dirt and grime. Have some tips you’d like to share? Let us know below – we’d love to hear from you!